The Dreamer

Directed by Rich Rusk for Gecko and Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre


The Machine Stops

'Chilling and clostraphobic'

The Stage ****

The Guardian ****

The Independant ****




James and the Giant Peach

'It’s not just the fruit that’s oversized in Northern Stage’s production of Roald Dahl’s 1961 novel James and the Giant Peach. Everything about this show is big, bold and confident.'

The Stage ****

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Time of Your Life

Part of 'Live From Television centre' for BBC4

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

'Designer Rhys Jarman’s conception of Oz as a multi-levelled house of fun works wonders'

Allan Radcliffe, The Times ****


Hurling Rubble at the Sun. Hurling rubble at the Moon.

'...a chillingly logical conclusion to a violently illogical world...' Time Out ****

style, oozing with human stink'  The Upcoming ****

'...just the right sense of the epic, explosive results that await such radical instability.' The Stage

Directed by Rod Dixon for Red Ladder and Jez Bond for Park theatre

Adriano in Siria

'Hail, then, Rhys Jarman's togas, statutary, smouldering brasiers and decorative screens: forms and colours that needed only languid ladies and a little nudity to be lapped up in paint by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.' Geoff Brown, The Spectator


Adriano in Syria. Directed by Thomas Guthrie for the Classical Opera Company


Directed by Amit Lahav for Gecko theatre


You Have Been Upgraded

Exhibition and performance with Unlimited theatre for the Science Musuem


Collective Endeavour

Directed by Nathan Curry for Tangled Feet and The Rugby World Cup 2015



Hood. Theatre Royal Nottingham and New Perspectives. Dir Jack McNamara



Directed by Hannah Barker and Lewis Hetherington for Analogue September 2014



Written by Tom Basden directed by Philip Breen, Edingburgh 2013 and Arcola Tent 2014


'The Beach meets Beckett, but with more laughs' - Olivia Marks, The Sunday Times ****

'Rhys Jarman's set, a large, round sandpit, is a miniturised representation of the characters' situation. - Tim Bano, Exeunt ****

'Holes shines as a witty and intelligent contemporary adventure tale' - Donna Mackay. The Upcoming ****

'Rhys Jarman showed even desert islands take on the character of those who land there.' - Timothy Ramsden. Reviews gate.


Time Out Critic's Choice ****


It’s always arresting when a play gets unintentionally caught up in circumstances. Since this story of four survivors of an inexplicable plane crash premiered in Edinburgh last year, one passenger flight has disintegrated and another vanished entirely. Tom Basden’s play reflects only dimly on these events – in occasional threads of techno-scepticism or post-9/11-paranoia – but still, the timing makes the blacks blacker and the laughs considerably less easy in this frequently hysterical comedy.

Ian, Gus and Maria are three thirty-somethings who were on their way to a dreadful conference on market demographics before their plane tanked on a desert island. They’re joined by Erin, a quiet and vulnerable teenager. On one level we’re in familiar ‘Lord of the Flies’ territory, and the final scenes in particular feel disappointingly pat. But it’s the meat Basden makes of the detritus of modern life that ensures ‘Holes’ is such a chilling hoot. 

Basden is particularly accomplished at splitting apart the commonplace to reveal comic absurdity and dangerous untruths. His physical comedy plays the same trick with objects: Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ is re-appropriated to score a funeral; an iPad is re-purposed as a spade for burying bodies. As the increasingly confident Ian begins to revel in this clean slate of a new world, everyday ignorance and brutality digs deep around the foundations of civilisation until language, sense and civility catastrophically subside.

As Ian, there’s a fantastic performance from Daniel ‘BT Infinity’ Rigby that tips brilliantly from comedy into horror, and Elizabeth Berrington is excellent as the tragically banal Marie. It’s all a lot cleverer than its bantering tone suggests, and a lot funnier than anything that ratchets so gleefully through the lost luggage of our collective dignity has any right to be.

By Stewart Pringle

Missing theatre


Directed by Amit Lahav for Gecko

With this flawless production, Gecko have created a wonderful, beautiful roller coaster ride' Moira Hunt. What's on stage. *****

"A kind of poetic delerium, dense, with poetic effect' Sanjoy Roi. The Guardian ****



The Nutcracker

Directed by Blanche McIntyre for The Nuffield Theatre Southampton December 2013

'The set is a marvel as it revolves to reveal all kinds of settings.' WhatsOnStage

'The revolving set, designed by Rhys Jarman, paves the way for several ingenious opportunities to really bring the story alive. Four trap doors are also skillfully used.' The Stage John Hannam

'Rhys Jarman’s design...offering a series of charming transformations.' Exuent magazine


One Million

Greenwich and Docklands festival, by Tangled Feet


Money The Game Show

Directed by Clare Duffy for Unlimited Theatre.  

'Playful, thoughtful and riotously entertaining' **** The Guradian

Orlando Generoso

Directed by Thomas Guthrie fro The Barber Institute of Fine Arts


Hot House

Directed by Tom Guthrie with Gareth Malone. Royal Oper House (main stage) set design